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The main attraction of diving the Similans islands for many divers are the dive sites on the western sides of the islands as well as the southern and northern tips, which are all open for divers. Dive sites here tend to be a bit deeper, below the recreational dive limit of 40m, with stronger currents on some days and offer an exciting mix of boulders, wall diving and coral bommies The Similan's are undoubtedly famous in diving circles. They offer the best of Thailand's diving all neatly parcelled up around their nine islands. Best enjoyed by liveaboard, you can dive in magnificent, clear waters and spot manta rays and whale sharks Day trips for diving to the Similans are possible every day in the high season, though it is a very long day and we really recommend you do a liveaboard or at least an overnight trip. Use the links below to explore the wide variety of options for diving in the Similan Islands. The Similan Islands are open for diving from 15th October to 15th May Similan islands diving liveaboards. Thailand is a favourite spot for divers from all around the world. Similan Dive Center has its shop at the west coast; here you find the best dive sites in the Andaman sea: Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin islands Richelieu Rock.Khao Lak has the closest harbour to these diving destination, and from here most of the liveaboards depart Similan Islands Diving Season. Early November to early May is the period during which liveaboards operate at the Similan Islands. Day trips and overnight trips run from October through to May. The most constant weather patterns, and therefore the most stable conditions, tend to be between February and April

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Similan Islands Diving. The Similan Islands are home to the best diving in Thailand, just search online and find all the results! For this reason, there are also many dive and snorkeling operators serving the park. On our Similan Dive Center page, we selected the very best dive centers to choose from Similan Diving Safaris was one of the first liveaboard companies in Khao Lak with over 20 years of experience diving the Similan and Surin Islands with an excellent service & safety record. We specialise in eco friendly liveaboard safaris, for our guests we provide free bio degrable soaps/ shampoos, which help to reduce the acidity of the seawater that it has a low impact on the corals and.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Similan Islands Obviously, we have to talk about snorkeling and diving first after making the bold claim that it is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Asia . Offering warm, clear waters with weak to moderate currents and 20 to 30m visibility, the Similan Islands provide more than ideal conditions for a fantastic diving experience Similan Islands Diving - Information and insight. Listed as one of the Ten best Dive sites on earth, Similan diving is quite simply the best dive region Thailand has to offer. Famous for huge rocky dropoffs on the Western side, long coral reefs on the East side, and everything in between Similan Islands Day Trip Diving. The Similan Islands National Park has become well established as one of the finest dive locations in Asia, with liveaboard diving being especially popular. Many dive operators also offer Similans day trips departing from Khao Lak. Day trips are ideal for those who lack the time or money for a liveaboard cruise but still wish to experience the great diving on. Similan Seven Sea Club is a registered PADI Dive Center and we offer the best Similan islands scuba diving liveaboard and daytrips cruises from Khao Lak and Phuket.We operate our two own Similan islands and Richelieu Rock liveaboard and daytrip boats to some of the best dive sites in Thailand.We offer a wide range of PADI scuba diving courses from beginners to professional levels where you get. Similan Islands Diving every day of the week! Similan islands scuba diving from Phuket is available every day of the week, as well as offering the Similan Islands Day Trip we offer Similan islands liveaboards to Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock, stay as long as you want on a overnight Similan Live aboard Tour, dive into the crystal clear waters of the Similan National Marine Park

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  1. Scuba diving holidays to the world-renowned Surin and Similan Islands will also usually include the famous Richelieu Rock. For the Similan Islands, the underwater topography is unique. Diversity is one of the major factors differentiating this dive area from others worldwide
  2. Similan Islands. Diving Daytrip. The Similan Islands National Marine Park is one of the most beautiful marine national parks in Thailand. The huge granite boulders offer an amazing underwater scenery for scuba diving. Consisting of 9 islands, the Similans is perfect for diving in the crystal clear water
  3. Looking for the best place for snorkeling and diving in Thailand - and one of the best in the world? This is it! The Similan Islands! Immerse yourself in a national treasure of Thailand. The Similan Islands National Park is 85 kilometers northwest of Phuket. The park is home to nine islands with long coral sand beaches and crystal clear waters
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The Similan Islands is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea, largely because of the wonders that await beneath the clear-blue waters surrounding it. They're around 84 km northwest of Phuket. This little archipelago is one of the most interesting diving areas in the world, as well as a favorite destination for yachties and boa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiH1OX7MzWJyKvSfq484XA Scuba diving video from a liveaboard at Similan Island, Thailand Setup: Go pro hero 3 black edition. Similan Islands Diving Day Trips. Big Blue Diving are the proud operators of the Blue Dolphin; a Similan Islands diving Speedboat designed by divers for divers. The Blue Dolphin is the most convenient way to see the Similans. If you don't have time for a Similan Liveaboard, then get to Thailand's best dive sites in only 1 hour We stopped at this island during our diving trip. It's a nice place to relax, swim and have a small hike. We were lucky to see many fish during our brief snorkelling there though our local guide said that's usually not the case If you want to experience the best diving that Thailand has to offer, come to the Similan Islands. The best way to experience these islands is on a liveaboard. But, with so many boats and itineraries out there, how do you know what's the best Similan Islands liveaboard for you? The Similans are a chain of 9 tiny islands and the surrounding waters are part of a protected marine park

Diving Courses for Beginners and Further Diving Education. With its stable conditions and various dive sites, the Similan Islands are a perfect place to learn how to dive for people who want to experience not only the new world of scuba diving but also want to explore some underwater and marine life The Similan Islands are a group of islands running from south to north, about 55km west of Thao Lak in the Andaman Sea. Usually, the expression Similan refers to the islands numbered #1 to #9, but the 43rd national park created in 1982 also includes Koh Bon, Hin Pusa ('Elephant Head Rock'), and Shark Fin Reef Similan Islands. The Similan Islands National Marine Park lies directly west of the Thai mainland, making Khao Lak a great starting point for your trip. Each island is surrounded by thriving coral reef, starting in the shallows just a few metres from the beach. Diving in the Similan Islands allows you to experience a large variety of dive sites The Similan Islands in Thailand are thought to have inherited their name from the Malaysian word sembelan, which means nine, as the Similans consist of a grouping of nine granite boulder Islands arranged in a South to North access.All the Islands have Thai names but even your Captain will refer to them by number, starting with Island #1 in the South and finishing ten nautical miles in the.

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Similan Islands dive sites topography. Scuba Diving Phuket - The topography of the Similan Islands dive sites offers divers with an array of fun adventures beneath the crystal clear turquoise sea water. Each island of Similans has its own unique feature and is surrounded by spectacular underwater rock formation and extensive coral reefs Similan Islands Diving Highlights Marine Life. Anemone crab. Photo by prilfish. The complex ecosystem found underwater around the Similan Islands is often referred to as the rainforest of the sea. The list of marine life that divers have the chance of seeing is exhaustive and there are several books dedicate to it Similan Islands Liveaboards diving, the ultimate way to explore one of the worlds top ten dive spots. If you are looking for the ideal way to enjoy a truly spectacular holiday that combines breathtaking topside scenery with fabulous underwater topography and marine life, then the Similan Islands Liveaboards are for you If you are looking for a Similan Islands diving liveaboard, this is the page to go. At Similan Dive Center we're offering liveaboard trips from two days - 1 night to five days - 5 nights. On these dive trips, you can visit the best dive sites at the Andaman Sea: Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock Phi Phi Islands This is the most popular scuba diving day trip in Phuket and a 'must' for first-time visitors to Phuket. Breathtaking limestone cliffs rise straight out of the crystal clear tropical waters

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Similan Islands Liveaboard Specialists. Welcome to Oktavia Dive Center - home to our wonderful Similan Islands Diving Vessel MV Oktavia. Let us take you on a magical trip to the some of the most exclusive and best dive sites in Thailand The Similan Islands are regarded as having the best scuba diving in Thailand, with a diversity of dive sites, quality reefs, and abundant marine life. From gentle fringing reefs of hard and soft coral teeming with life on the eastern side, to wild currents and rugged granite boulders on the west, the Similan Islands have something to keep divers of all levels coming back time and time again

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  1. Live-Aboard Similan Island Diving Live-Aboard Scuba Diving. To visit the islands, you can either jump on a speedboat and spend a day at the beach, or book a multi-day scuba diving adventure living on a boat. Common scuba trips last 3 or 6 days
  2. Made up of 9 granite islands, located 100 km Northwest of Phuket and 65km offshore from Phang Nga Province in the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands were declared a National Park in 1982 and offer scuba divers exceptional diving adventures. Similan Island liveaboards will visit dive sites that feature varied landscapes and vibrant marine life
  3. The Similan Island Marine Park Authorities (The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation)(DNP) held a meeting on the 16th October 2018 in relation to a wide range of issues including the amount of scuba diving permitted in the Similan Islands and Koh Bon each day
  4. The Similan Islands ( Thai : หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน , RTGS: Mu Ko Similan , Thai pronunciation: [mùː kɔ̀ʔ si.mi.lan] ) is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea..
  5. The diving in the Similan Islands was variable but we particularly enjoyed the dives we did on Batfish Rock. The corals were beautiful and the fish life was good. On later dives there we also saw tuna, barracuda and batfish. The viz was 20m+
  6. Similan Dive Guide is the information site for the Similan islands and surrounding dive sites : Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu rock. You find here a description of the dive sites, complete with new diving maps
  7. Similan Islands diving day trips are the perfect way to enjoy the best scuba diving in Thailand, without sacrificing the comfort of your Khao Lak hotel or resort. We say 'Khao Lak hotel or resort' because it is not practical to join a Similans day trip if you're staying in Phuket or Ranong the night before
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You can try diving for the very first time, or continue your dive education. Also, we operate five half-day local dive trips to our two tin mining wrecks, our cargo wreck, our evolving artificial reef and our nearby house reef. We can also arrange a variety of day trips to the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock Similan Islands sightseeing. The sea star day trip speedboat will visit the top locations and island, with Island # Eight has a spectacular viewpoint called Sail Rock, its not easily accessible from the beach and involves a hazardous climb through the jungle and rain forest climbing over large granite Boulders, the view at the top is breathtaking a once in a lifetime amazing viewed of Donald.

The Similan Islands are home to some of the best diving sites in the world. They are also home to great snorkeling, bird watching and sunbathing. Boat Charter Thailand , ☎ +66(0)884907290 , [29] Even though the Similan Islands needs a few years to recover, there is still world-class diving in Similan Islands and in the Khao Lak area. So if you have already planned a trip here you are still in for a fabulous diving experience Best time to dive in Similan Islands . The national park is open from November 1st to April 30 but most of the liveaboards operate only from October to May. The best diving conditions occur in March with the best visibility and almost no wind.. Hot tip. The peak diving season runs during the dry season from December to April Similan Seven Sea Club owns and operates both our two liveaboards, MV Lapat and MV Camic. Both visit the Similan islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the famous Richelieu Rock. The MV Camic runs on a 4 days and 4 nights or 5 days 5 nights schedule starting with the southern part of the Similan island marine national park and then moving up north to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock The Similan Islands are located approximately 90km (56mi) north-west of Phuket and are among the world's most prized scuba diving destination. Similan is Malay for nine, referring to the nine magnificent granite islands that originally made up the Similan Islands National Park

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Similan islands diving liveaboard trips. Similan Diving. 17. november 2015 · Playing around at the Similan islands reefs # similanislands # similandiving # similandivecenter # similanislandsliveaboard # scubadiving. The Similan Islands, located of the West coast of Thailand are home to some amazing beaches, great snorkeling and the most famous dive spots in Thailand. Thus, the Similan Islands diving liveaboard trips we offer are a treat to all levels of divers and marine life enthusiasts Similan Islands Liveaboards - Diving the Similans Liveaboard Diving - The best way to dive Thailand. Phuket is the start point for liveaboards to the world class dive sites of the Similan Islands. Over the last few years, liveaboards have become much more popular in this region, as the dive sites are only just within reach of a day trip Thailand: Similan Liveaboard. These trips are only available for Group bookings (8 or more guests) or half/Full boat Charters. We also craft customized diving safaris that include trips to the Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock with cultural and active experiences across the region

THE SIMILAN ISLANDS DIVING HIGHLIGHTS. These world-famous islands stretch north-south in the Andaman Sea, 30 miles off the coast of southern Thailand.Covering an area of approximately 87 square miles, the nine islands of the archipelago, plus Ko Bon and Ko Tachai to the north, make up the Mu Ko Similan National Park.. The real draw here is the manta rays and whale sharks that visit the warm. Similan & Surin Islands Schedule & booking Dolphin Queen Season 2020 - 2021. All cabins have their own air conditioning, life jackets and a sea view window that opens for your safety Similan Islands group is considered and thought to be as Thailand's Liveaboard diving capital, thus it simply offers the best dive sites of the country. Aside from its stunning dive sites, what makes Similan Islands even more interesting is the fact that liveaboard costs are pretty much affordable compared to other dive destinations in the world

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Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving Safaris from Khao Lak - Thailand A Liveaboard diving safari is the ultimate way to explore one of the Worlds top ten dive spots. If you are looking for the ideal way to enjoy a truly spectacular holiday that combines breathtaking topside scenery with fabulous underwater topography and marine life, then this one is for you Similan Islands around 10:45 am Koh Tachai around 10:15 am Koh Bon (2. dive) around 1:00 pm Now, we conduct our first diving or snorkeling with our professional guides and right after that, we will have a 90 minutes lunch break onboard. After that, we prepare for our second diving or snorkeling The week long diving experience was truly memorable. A big thank you to Gary, Ann, Nut and the Go2Similan team for a hastle-free experience and for making me feel so welcome into local community. I highly recommend Go2Similan for anyone looking to dive in the Similan-Surin islands region Aside from the Similan Islands, there are also several other dive sites nearby, which are often included as stops in many dive tours in the area. There are 9 islands that form the Similan Islands. Each of these islands is protected since it belongs to a marine national park. Only islands 4 to 9 are open for diving

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Diving Similan Islands Cruising and diving through the North Andman ocean, you would experience the true color of the from Phuket to Myanmar On our liveaboard trips, divers can enjoy first-class diving, excellent service and luxurious accommodation for the ultimate diving vacation Similan Islands Numbering. From north to south the islands are numbered from 1 to 9 (without the two recently added islands). The Grand Island is Koh Similan, yet you will only find a campsite and one restaurant here.The nerve center is Koh Miang, which also has the most beautiful beaches of all the islands.Turtles lay their eggs on the island of Koh Hu Yong The Similan Islands are part of a national marine park, and area great place for a scuba diving Liveaboard trip. There are plenty of small, colorful corals and fish to see, but most divers in the Similan Islands cross their fingers that they'll have the good fortune to spot an elusive whale shark. We didn't get so lucky, but maybe you will

New Similan Island National Park rules, make it essential to book in advance. With only 525 divers per day allowed in the park for the 2020/2021 season you'll need to secure your space. Booking early on Deep Andaman Queen not only ensures your space but gives you some great discount options Book and pay at least 45 days in advance of your Thailand liveaboard adventure and receive great Deep. Liveaboard Diving in the Similan Islands. Diving in the Similan Islands can feel like doing an explorer's trek in a country of extreme landscapes and alien terrain. The Similan Islands are known for impressively monolithic boulders and karst terrain, which extend underwater to create interesting oceanic landscapes, which you speechless

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The Similan Islands are a must see destination for every visitor to Khao Lak hence they are highly frequented by day guests. Our daytrip includes a snorkel stop of the solitary Koh Bon which adds an exclusive highlight to our Similans tour! Sustainable. Similan Overnight Diving The Similan islands. Fifty-two miles north-west of Phuket lies Koh Similan Marine National Park. This is an archipelago of nine granite islands offering some of the best diving in south East Asia. Similan islands liveaboard diving provides a huge variety of topography and boast the richest variety and abundance of reef fish in Thailand The Similan Islands are open from mid October to mid May and closed mid May to mid October. The actual dates vary slightly year to year. For the 2019-2020 Similan diving season the National Park will open on the 15th October 2019 and will likely close around 15th May 2020

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Similan Islands National Park is made up of 9 different islands located in the Andaman sea, about 90 km North West from Phuket and 60 km West from Khao Lak. The area is reachable on 1-day diving trips from Khao Lak and by 4-5 day diving liveboards Phuket scuba diving - Phuket with its all year round warm tropical waters, amazing marine life, and coral reefs - making it a perfect destination 4 scuba divers. Similan Islands. Come and experience one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world. more info What To Expect on A Surin Islands Liveaboard. A liveaboard dive tour to the Surin Islands in Thailand will take divers to some of the best diving available in the Andaman Sea. Situated in the picturesque Thai province of Phang Nga, the Surin Islands archipelago is about 60km away from the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.Designated a National Marine Park in 1981, the Mu Koh Surin.

The Similan and Surin Islands are some of Thailand's most popular dive destinations. Most of the visitors to these islands do so on liveaboard dive boats, but it is possible to catch a speedboat and dive the same sites while staying in mainland Thailand. - Diving Thailand's Similan and Surin Islands Without a Liveaboar THAILAND'S BEST SCUBA DIVING TRIPS WITH THE MANTA QUEEN LIVEABOARD FLEET. Explore many of the top dive sites in the Andaman sea with our Manta Queen Liveaboard trips from Khao Lak to Similan and Surin Islands.; Experience the best scuba dive sites in Thailand: Richelieu Rock - world's top 10 dive site! Koh Bon - best chance for Manta Rays! Koh Tachai - colorful soft corals, and more This will give you more time to relax on the boat and energy to enjoy the diving in hte Similan Islands. We will use the day of departure for this and then its off to 4 days and nights cruise in the Similan Islands, then north to Koh Bon, famous Manta Rays, Koh Tachai,one of Thailands best divesites, then on to the worldfamous Richelieu Rock, with a chance of spotting a Whaleshark Diving and snorkelling are the main activities in Similan Islands. The best time for diving is around December to April when wind is minimal and the average water temperature is around 29 °C. February to April is the more ideal time to spot large pelagic species like manta rays and whale sharks, but sighting is rare

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Diving in the Similan Islands national marine park is a unique experience. The area is widely regarded as Thailand's top scuba diving spot, and one of the best in all of Asia. The reef and marine life are spectacular. You will get to see gentle slanted hard coral reefs and wild rocky landscapes Similan Island Diving is a can't-miss experience. From the stunning scenery of the national park's tropical landscapes of granite boulders and white sand beaches, to the underwater treasures of abundant sea life and living coral, Similan Diving offers a world-class experience you can't find anywhere else Similan Islands Diving: What You Need to Know Best Time to Go Diving in the Similan Islands. Although diving in Thailand happens all year round, the liveaboard season in Thailand runs from November to May. The best time of the year to dive is in March as the Andaman Sea is at its calmest, with super clear visibility ranging from 25 to 40 meters Diving Similan Islands National Park The Similan National Park is located approximately 60 km off the west coast of Thailand and is comprised of 9 islands running roughly north to south. They are dotted with numerous granite rock outcrops and cover an area of about 128 sq km. The Similans can generally be divided into 2 different areas: The protected eastern side, with its tropical dream. Similan And Surin Islands New Rules Being Enforced Similan and Surin Islands new rules bombshell dropped a few days before the annual reopening. The Similan and Surin Islands new rules are a must read for anyone planning or already booked a trip to Thailand best diving location

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Located around 140 km from Phuket, the Similan Islands are recognised as one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. Its diverse and colourful marine life seascapes are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling The Similan Islands is a small and remote archipelago 60km off the west coast of Thailand, not far from the border with Burma (Myanmar). It is by far the best place for scuba diving in Thailand, and many regard it as among the best in the world

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The Similan Islands National Park is a chain of 9 tiny islands that offer some of the best diving opportunities and experiences in Thailand. It is open for visitors from mid-October to mid-May every year for Similans Liveaboards scuba diving trips Enjoy your diving with professionals, try liveaboard experience on the beautiful area in Thailand Similan islands. Enjoy your diving with professionals, try liveaboard experience on the beautiful area in Thailand Similan islands. Blue Planet Divers +66 (0)75 668 165 | +66 (0)85 472 3450

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Similan & Surin Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock: 4 days / 4 nights: 13 dives: B22,600 ensuite double cabin B21,600 double cabin B19,600 6-berth cabin : B17,700 ensuite double cabin B16,700 double cabin B14,700 6-berth cabin: south-north trip B1,800 diver north-south trip B2,000 diver B1,000 snorkeller: Similan & Surin Islands, Koh. Similan Diving. Tai patinka 4,1 tūkst. žmonių. Liveaboard and diving daytrips to the Similan islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu roc Diving in Similan Islands - Tips On Night Diving. Night diving in Similan Islands - scary, or sublime? Perhaps a little of both, but definitely worth overcoming any nerves you may have about taking the plunge into the dark Step aboard The Junk and The Phinisi for an unparalelled liveaboard diving experience in Thailand & Myanmar.In Thailand, explore the best dive sites around the Similan & Surin Islands, as well as around Phuket: Koh Phi Phi, Hin Daeng & Muang, and Koh Haa.The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar offers exciting and exclusive diving for the advanced diver. . Enjoy the friendly service of our fantastic. Similan Dive Guide. 834 liker dette. Similan Dive guide offers all the information you need about the Similan islands dive sites , including new dive map

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Similan Islands. 261 likes · 23 talking about this. ให้บริการนำเที่ยวดำน้ำแบบไปเช้า-เย็นกลับ สิมิลัน สุรินทร์ และ หมู่เกาะพีพ The Similan Islands are world-famous for scuba diving. Why? Because it's not only the best place in Thailand to go diving, it's also one of the cheaper places to do a liveaboard and stay on board a boat for 3-4 days and do nothing but diving, eating and sleeping

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