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Tips og råd for å få single LNB fra Canal Digital til å virke. 31.07.2012. Canal Digital sine nye dekoder fungerer nå med single Cable, også kjent som Sat CR LNB. Her er noen tips og råd for at dette skal fungere. Systemet fungerer også på alle Viasat sine HD-dekodere Med et LNB hode fra 123elektronikk blir du klar til å motta HDTV. Utnytt våre lave priser og spar penger hvis du bestiller allerede i dag you can split the LNB signal to multiple receivers via Loop Out or with a splitter. Warning Do not attempt to split the cable the DIY method (parallel circuit). Also do not use common splitters designed for cable TV. You need a splitter designed for satellite TV with DC passthrough that will allow power from receiver(s) to reach the LNB Single Cable LNB med 24 band 2017/10/31 2017/12/15 Information I morgon, den 1:a november, kommer Canal digital att lansera ett nytt Single Cable LNB med 24 st. användarband med tre likadana utgångar, där alla är Single Cable eller även kallat Sat-CR

Du må ha ny single cable LNB + splitter inne i huset. Q. Quattro81 Medlem. 14 Feb 2010 246 0 0. 2 Des 2012 #6 Tips Her er en lenke du kan se på om du skal prøve å splitte signal for Canal Digital dekodere. Virker ikke med Sagem dekodere. Tips og råd for å få single LNB fra Canal Digital til å virke . C. Custom Another answer and a method relatively overlooked here in the UK, this could be done would be using a Smart Splitter and an SCR (Single Cable Router) compatible LNB or satellite multi-switch amplifier and SCR enables satellite receiver, the majority of new Sky+HD boxes come equipped with this facility accessed within the hidden installer menu Set up 2: single lnb using a splitter (one cable from dish, split in two before decoder): I do not recommend this for people who expect everthing to work seamlessly Unicable II™ is the 2nd generation of Inverto's single cable distribution product range and is based on digital Channel Stacking technology (dCSS). Contrary to other suppliers who rely on the silicon vendors to provide the software, Inverto's R&D team has full control over the development of the software and hardware of its Unicable II LNB and Multiswitch products Hvis du benytter SatCr utgangen og medfølgene splitter så må du velge denne lnb typen i menyen på boksen. Du vil ikke få det til å fungere uten å endre innstillingene i mottager. I brukermanualen på CD sine websider står det følgende: For Single Cable-installasjon velger du LNB-type Single Cable og båndet for LNB

SATCR LNB's transmit all horizontal and vertical frequencies via a single cable. These LNB's are also referred to as Unicable LNB's. This eliminates the 4 x RG6U cable clutter when installing a sattellite receiver e.g HDPVR which requires either a Quad LNB / 4 cables, Dual LNB / 2 cables and Multiswitch with 4 additional cables or a single SATCR and single RG6U Cable from LNB to HDPVR 2-Way Satellite/TV Diplexer RF and LNB Signal Combiner / LNB Splitter for DSTV Decoder Model 5s / Explora 3A and newer models without RF Ports. The diplexer is used on newer decoders with no RF output ports to run the DSTV / Multichoice Decoder heartbeat via the SmartLNB using a single cable New - Complete KIT: Directv HD Satellite Dish w/Digital SWM3 DSWM3 LNB 20 Tuners + RG6 COAXIAL Cables Included Ka/ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL3 Single Output W/ 4 Port Splitter 2.7 out of 5 stars 3 $89.00 $ 89 . 0

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LignendeCANAL DIGITAL One cable Lnb med universal uttak. UNICABLE 2-Veis splitter 950-2150mhz (til bruk med satCr lnb) Modellbetegnelse: Splitter . Logg deg inn eller opprett en konto for å se mer fra Canal Digital Norge på Facebook. Går inn på antenneinnstillinger og endrer til single cable LNB. Triax SatCR LNB (Single cable LNB) TSC 001 TSC 001 Single Cable Router - 1 output. TRIAX SCR LNB single cable router. Standardised plug and play technology. Easier installation of new dual-tuner PVR receivers requiring only a single cable feed. Access of all polarisations and bands of one orbital positions via a single cable Perfect Vision's PV23-402 two-way splitter splits TV antenna or cable TV signal to multiple TV sets, and splits satellite signals to feed into more multiswitches. It operates in the 2-2300MHz range and features high-performance printed-board circuitry and an epoxy-sealed back cover. This splitter is power-passive on one side, which..

Tips og råd for å få single LNB fra Canal Digital til å

If you want to watch TV channels only from the single polarization then you can use the splitter. So How to connect two or more set-top boxes in the single-dish antenna? There are many to connect multiple set-top boxes in single-dish antenna but here we are giving you 3 proven solutions. Uni-Cable LNB; Multi-Output LNB; Set-Top Box Loop out Por Twin lnb upgrade kit Includes: 1 x lnb 2 x amalgamating tape Includes: 1 x metal back to back coupler Suitable for screens up to 70kg Includes: 20 x 7mm cable saddles Brand: Ellies Category: Cables & Switch.. A system was installed to send multiple channels down the single cable with a Johansson 4502 2-way splitter in the flat to the Sky+ pvr. Works fine. I want to ditch Sky and move to a new Freesat 4k pvr with dual input. The problem is that when using the same splitter, only half the channels are visible (show blank screen) Canal Digital sine nye dekoder fungerer nå med single Cable, også. Har nettopp fått denne dekoderen i hus fra Canal Digital, og husket selvfølgelig ikke at den har to antenne innganger, mens. Bytte LNB til Single Cable (SatCr tror jeg det heter). Det fulgte også med en 1:splitter i eska. NY ADB-5720SX Hybrid HD PVR boks fra Canal Digital23 Hi, I'm thinking of buying a VU+solo2 and make use of dual recording when required. The problem is that I only have one LNB and single cable. I do not want to run another cable or start drilling more holes through my walls. The VU+ SOLO2 has only 2 LNB inputs at the back an no loop through or out put? How can I make use of daul recording with a single cable

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Our goal is to provide high quality products at competitive prices, and top-notch service to customers around the world. We are ISO9001, CE, and GS certified and strictly adhere to their quality specifications for Splitter & LNB, Welcome your traveling to and any your inquires,sincerely hope we could have chance to cooperate along with you and we can build-up extensive nicely small business. I bought a Unicable LNB and it works a treat with one physical cable. Just replace your existing standard LNB with a Unicable one, and then buy the correct splitter too for inside your house. Once you have the splitter wherever it's convenient you can then wire up multiple tuners from there. World of Satellite sell the GT SAT stuff which I have

Directv SWM SL5S Lnb Kit With Power and Splitter DirecTV's SL5S brings the SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) technology to the satellite antenna! The SL5S combines 101, 110, 119, 99, and 103 on a single wire which can be split to up to 8 DirecTV tuners or 4 dual tuner DVR receivers Is Video Me aap Janenge 1 Single LNB Se 2 Set Top Box Kaise Connect Karte Hai. Is Video Me Dekhenge LNB Splitter Circuit Diagram, LNB Splitter Kaise Kaam Karte Hai, Aap Sikh Payenge LNB Spitter. run cable directly from SWM3 LNB dish to splitter for just 1 TV? we just have our 46 Aquos HD TV so don't really need much in terms of a splitter at the moment. Do you still have to at least run the cable from the dish to the 4-way splitter before sending the cable inside to the Power Inserter, or can we just run that single cable to the Power Inserter w/o any splitter They also need high quality cable and work satisfactorily on short cable lengths only. The latest single cable distribution systems will allow 4 signals down one cable to feed up to four completely independant tuners with full channel coverage on all four BUT still need four independant feeds from an lnb or multiswitch Can I use a regular cable splitter to split a single LNB connection from a express vu satellite

http://computerszone.co.uk Please try this method with care and only if you feel comfortable. I found that using any cable stripping tool will result in cutt.. I have bought a BM90X Satellite splitter. A single LNB feed into the splitter then fed into two sky boxes. I know i should only be able to watch one box at a time and i am fine with this. problem is that only one output seems to work and that's the one that says 'Power Pass' the other doesn't Sky+HD with a single LNB feed from the dish. In the menu, set the Digibox to single input mode and connect the LNB cable to LNB input 1. Sky Plus with a single LNB feed from the dish. With just one LNB feed, you'll have to set the box to record a programme starting slightly in advance of the one you want to record I had an older quad LNB with a power injector. I replaced the LBN with new technology and can now split a single cable to the two inputs on the reciever. This inexensive splitter combined with the LNB reduces wiring and power clutter. Very nice

Connect multiple satellite receivers to a single LNB · One

  1. No need for a splitter, the link is automatically applied internally during setup when a single cable is detected. The new boxes can in fact do a bit more than the Foxsat. Any viewable channel is also time shiftable, and can be recorded from the buffer once one of the two recordings has completed
  2. You can actually damage one or both receivers since they are sending voltage through the splitter to the LNB and probably the other receiver. If you want to run your satellite system with a single cable and splitters, it is possible with extra equipment. A $250 stacker puts both odd and even transponders on a single coax
  3. Single dish LNB head for 1 satellite receiver box/user. Maximum PQ-1 Universal Single LNB (1 pos/1 user) Maximum PQ-1 High quality single universal LNB with a noise ratio (NF) of only 0.1 dB and gold-plated connector for optimal connection - SEE MOR
  4. MultiChoice recommends the DStv Smart LNB for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations (when installed in a Single Unit Dwelling, ie. where customers make use of their own satellite dish). From a technical viewpoint, the DStv Smart LNB combines the features of a DStv Switch into a single UniCable LNB and offers a single cable solution for distribution of multiple satellite signals
  5. Ready to Install Package at&T Directv HD Satellite Dish SWM5 LNB + RG6 COAXIAL Cables Included Ka/ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL5 AU9 Single Output W/ 4 Port Splitter 3.7 out of 5 stars 21 $96.95 $ 96 . 9
  6. e which end is which if you use a Quattro LNB. (For a quad-output LNB it doesn't matter.) The standard cable colours for connecting a Quattro LNB are as.
  7. We consistently carry out our spirit of ''Innovation bringing development, Highly-quality ensuring subsistence, Management promoting benefit, Credit attracting customers for LNB, We warmly welcome domestic and abroad buyers deliver inquiry to us ,we now have 24hours doing work team! Anytime anywhere we are still here to be your partner

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Use a single LNB and one cable then use a splitter and run short cables to each point. My preference would be option , as singles are about £15 cheaper than twins, the cost of the splitter itself would be offset by savings in cable. I should add here that I need to get an LNB anyway, C120 type as the dish came without one 2-Way Satellite-TV Diplexer RF and LNB Signal Combiner - LNB Splitter for DSTV Decoder Model 5s - Explora 3A and newer models without RF Ports The diplexer is used on newer decoders with no RF output ports to run the DSTV - Multichoice Decoder heartbeat via the SmartLNB using a single cable. Actual product design may be different than website picture but product will provide the same functions. My swm splitter is at dish so there are 4 runs of coax from dish/LNB to receivers, and to power supply. The receivers runs [3] 50-60 ft each and the PS run 30-40 ft.To clean things up, I would like to mount the SWM splitter in the basement next to power supply, that way only one coax run is needed from LNB to swm splitter

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If you need a high-quality coaxial cable splitter that can improve your experience then the BAMF 3-Way Coax Cable Splitter will work best for you. This product is designed with end-users in mind with excellent bi-di output. What is more, it covers well all device users to provide service connections CABLES & CONNECTORS OUTLETS TAPS & SPLITTER INHOUSE CONNECTIVITY SURVEILLANCE (CCTV) INSTRUMENTS TOOLS & CABINETS TECHNICAL APPENDIX CABLE TV (CATV) TERRESTRIAL RECEPTION TRIAX® Single Cable Router LNB the standard for single cable distribution Type: TSC 001 Single Cable Router LNB - 1 SCR output TSC 002 Single Cable Router LNB - 1 SCR output.

Why can't you split a satellite signal cable

  1. Cable Forum (https://www freesat hd & digibox form single lnb . hi, i live in a flat using single line lnb. i what to use digi & freesat (hd) stb's from the single lnb - is there some kind of switch manual or or some dishes have multiple outputs from one LNB. Splitter might not be a good idea as you will halve the signal.
  2. 104 results for lnb single. Save lnb single to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. AVENGER KSC 321S-2 0.2dB HD SINGLE UNIVERSAL LNB Linear Ku Satellite LNBF HD FTA The cable available is either single, twin or (quarto/quad) 4 LNB cable in white or black
  3. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me...bit of a novice... I have tried searching the forum, but couldn't find anything that really quite answered this. Please point in the right direction if I am just being a clod. I currently have a dual LNB but there is only a single cable running into the house and into my sat box which has a single tuner
  4. China LNB and splitter catalog of 4 X 1 Satellite Diseqc Switch for FTA DVB-S2 Receiver, 2 Way TV Splitter CATV Splitter Satellite Splitter 5~900MHz provided by China manufacturer - Phaeton Electronic Co., Ltd., page1

Basically, is there a kind of signal amplifier or splitter that I can put on the single coax cable to split it and send it to two Model 2700 receivers? If you know the manufacturer, model or part numbers (as specific as possible) it will be most appreciated. I've tried using a simple 1:2 splitter (a 5-900Mhz unit) and lost access to the higher number channels Single LNB (1-Ways) A single KU Band LNB features a single LNB connection for a coaxial cable to be connected. It may allow you to connect a typical satellite receiver like a Sky or Freesat box. You'll plug a Sky+ or Sky+HD box, but the Skybox must set to single feed mode, and you'll lose the power to record one TV program and watch another Manufacturer of LNB - KU Band Single LNB, Dish ku band universal lnb offered by Horizon HGE Electronic Equipment India Private Limited, Noida, Uttar Pradesh The problem is we didn't know it took two coax cables. There is an extra spot available on the LNB so that isn't a problem. The problem is that his entire house is wired with only 1 coax cable. It'll be a ton of work to run an extra cable. I'm wondering if there is a solution to run the necessary signals we need down a single coax Directv single LNB antenna you have 2 receivers with different accounts you would like to hook them both to a splitter so that you could choose which one would control the satellite

HD PVR 2 P - single lnb installation MyBroadband Foru

Single Lnb μίας εξόδου για την λήψη δορυφορικού σήματος σε έναν δορυφορικό δέκτη If you have two receivers both trying to switch a single LNB, one box will win, and one will lose. You can get an LNB switch box that will let you switch your single feed to either of two receivers - just not to feed both at the same time. These are no substitute for having two dedicated feeds from the LNB though The splitter has eight outputs on the back panel, and fused LNB power can be inserted on the input. Two individual 100-240 ± 10% VAC input power supplies provide diode ORʼd redundant power to the unit*. The LNB power line is separately fused. A surge suppressor on the splitter input protects against high voltage transients Allows the use of DIRECTV® single wire multi-switch only (SWM) receivers with non-SWM Winegard® mobile satellite TV antennas, portable and roof mount. Lets you watch programming on up to four TVs at the same time. Kit includes SWM-8 switch, power inserter, 4-way splitter and mounting hardware. $109.99 - FREE GROUND SHIPPING SHIPPIN LNB & Bias tee box 25 MHz source & RTL-SDR with SMA-SMA cable (15cm) Photo; LNB & Bias tee box 25 MHz source & GPSDO 10 MHz reference with cable Photo Cable; LNB & Bias tee box 25 MHz source & RTL-SDR & GPSDO 10 MHz reference with cables Photo Cable; LNB & Bias tee box 25 MHz source & GPSDO 10 MHz reference & 2-way splitter box with cables Phot

The splitter has sixteen outputs on the back panel, and fused LNB power can be inserted on the input. Two individual 100-240 ± 10% VAC input power supplies provide diode ORʼd redundant power to the unit*. The LNB power line is separately fused. A surge suppressor on the splitter input protects against high voltage transients Find the cheap Lnb Splitter, Find the best Lnb Splitter deals, Sourcing the right Lnb Splitter supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it's approved, suppliers on our site can quote

GT-Sat GT-S1DCSS24 SCR/dCSS Single Cable Unicable II LNB SCR24 with 1x Legacy Outputs.. £43.00 Ex Tax: £35.83. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare GT-Sat GT-SP21 2 Way Satellite Splitter 5-2400MHz DC Pass Suitable for Unicable.. £1.70 Ex Tax: £1.42. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. GT. This kit converts your four wire SL5 or SL3 Slimline LNB to the New (SWM Single Wire Multi-switch) .-nbsp; The SWM kit allows you to run one cable from the dish into the 8 way splitter. The SWM technology can send two signals off one coaxial run to the receiver this is great when using a DVR with dual tuners.-nbsp; The SWM technology also allows easier receiver networking and video sharing. Single Cable Distribution LNB or Single Solution LNB or Unicable LNB : Unicable or single solution LNB can be used with multiple receivers as long as the unicable software installed in your set-top box. You can connect multiple set-top boxes to this LNB (or dish antenna) by using splitters. But keep in mind that there should be an option to. I did some research on signal loss per splitter unit but became a little confused due to conflicting data. Right now my plan is to split the lnb single wire signal 4 ways with a 4 way splitter - one to use the pi in the power passing port and then 3 cables to 4 way splitters for 12 total cable runs. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks SWM - Single Wire Multiswitch Q&A; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

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Then a splitter is fine. But it has to be a full range. Up to 2ghz If you have a system. Like I do or even just a ku satellite and want to use the fta also.. It's going to need a switch. The best one I like is a 4x8 powered switch. This is the best for fta boxes to. As the box then does not have to power the switch or lnb the line that comes from the power inserter goes into the red port on the splitter so you can power the LNB. If this is a new install, you will also need a power inserter. Either the PI21 (black) power inserter or the PI29 (grey) power inserter will work. You can run a single wire from the LNB to an 8-way splitter and feed all your devices from.

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I have two cables from the Quad LNB connected to my Quad TBS 6985 DVS-S2 TV card. There is no DiSEqC involved that I know of. The first cable is of a Universal type and MediaPortal TV-Server finds all channels when scanning using the band Ku-Linear (Universal). The other cable though is of the type Single Cable LNB Single Cable Scr Lnb , Find Complete Details about Single Cable Scr Lnb,Scr Single Cable Lnb from Other Consumer Electronics Supplier or Manufacturer-GT-SAT INTERNATIONAL S.A R.L

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All three signals are already run down a single cable, meaning that a standard stacker/destacker combo won't work. I have contacted the company who installed the sky system and they have told me I would need to purchase the stacker/destacker at £150 plus two filters for each of the feeds to filter out the terrestrial and dab radio signals coming out of the large 20 way splitter The set comes with a suitable splitter. At the moment, This Unicable2 LNB enables installations with up to 32 satellite receivers connected over a single coax cable. Price: €52.59. Add to cart. Wideband LNB , 5277 Inverto Antop Antenna 6 Way Tv Signal Splitter Coaxial Splitter 2GHZ- 5-2050MHZ - Low-loss Rf Splitter For Tv And Satellite - 18K Gold-p. ANTOP 2GHzRF Splitter,6 out, 1 in, AT-708 The ANTOP 6-ways SplitterAT-708 splits a single incoming coaxial signal, such as satellite signal, over-the-air HD(digital TV) antenna signal, into six outgoing signals Buy DILOS FS-111DLX Universal Single Ku-Band LNB by Home Delivery, Cash on Delivery, online shoppin

So, to use a Humax Foxsat+ 'properly', you ideally need a dish with a 2-way LNB, and two cables. I have a Sky oval mini-dish, with 1-way LNB and single cable. Maplin sell a 2-way LNB and bracket to fit onto a sky oval mini-dish. If I fit those and run a second cable, will it work OK, or do I need to change the whole dish? T Manufacturer of Cable Splitter - 8 Way 1 Port Splitter, 2 Way Splitter, 2 Way power passing Splitter and 4 Way Power Passing Splitter offered by Horizon HGE Electronic Equipment India Private Limited, Noida, Uttar Pradesh The LNB allows for the connection of maximum six (Unicable enabled) Set Top Boxes with Single Tuner via two cables (or of maximum four STBs via one cable). A splitter unit* enabling a flexible distribution of the signal at home is included

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heck, you can have more than one receiver on at a time even with a single items needed-high frequency splitters (up to 2GHZ, not the 900MHZ crap)-DC block-cable hook the high frequency splitter to the LNB output (they make 2 & 4 outputs) Sopme splitters ahve a power pass on one side. If it does, then the DC block is not needed DIRECTV Slimline Single Wire 5 Satellite LNB (SL5-SWM) This integrated SWM Satellite LNB allows for five satellite feeds at once (101, 110, 119, 99, and 103). The single cable output can be split up to eight times to receivers. This is a big improvement past models which had to run all four lines into a building, and could not be split Back then, you could run a single coaxial cable into a house, screw on a coaxial cable splitter, and keep several housemates entertained with their own TV hookups for the cost of a single bill. Sure, the channel choices were limited, and the picture quality was sketchy, but it was easy—and cheap 2-Way Splitter distributes a single cable, Applies to ALL satellite cable splitters, get a dual/quad LNB - but that requires access to the dish (a ladder), running another cable, and potential re-orientation for new LNB. OK it's cheap, I tried one and wondered why I lost many of my channels until researched This Foxtel Approved 2-Way Signal Splitter is the easiest and most cost effective way to split your incoming Foxtel signal to multiple Foxtel Boxes, iQ or iQ2 devices. This splitter uses a simple analog F-Type Coaxial design, so it can also be used to split the signal from your Aerial or any F-Type coaxial cable or device

A splitter is a gadget tool in a single jack, which functions by circulating the single jack application with the goal that users can without much of a stretch interface it to the PC. Two results always follow this at the end of the day. First, there won't be a volume misfortune when using a splitter, however good sound quality is experienced Where can I find Strong HD LNB ,Digital Universal Single LNB (Best Performance) Compare Prices Check Best Price Strong HD LNB ,Digital Universal Single LNB (Best Performance) Reviews Today You can Buy Cheap Sale Deals Strong ST-1000 Price is best Discover the perfect Michele for your future. You can Get special offers Strong HD LNB

Each cable feeds one tuner allowing them to receive two completely separate channels. So you can watch one channel and record another at the same time for example. Sky Q uses a different reception method but still needs two cables . The TV has only a single tuner so only needs one cable. It appears to be a slightly newer version of my telly A Single LNB has one coaxial connections. In a Single LNB connection you can only view one channel at a time on one receiver. Inverto SWM Dish Kit. 1x LNB arm with LNBS attached extends 23.5 from the dish surface area. eBay. COMPLETE NEW LOT 4 DIRECTV AT&T KAKU3 SLIMLINE HD DISH4K SL3 SWM3 DSWM3 4K LNB. Direct TV KaKu SWM DISH SINGLE WIRE WITH DSWM3 LNB HDTV. 13 TUNERS 4K LNB. 4 DTV Wide Band Splitter 4 way Outputs (Green Label). 4 DTV SWM Power Inserter (Green Label). eBa Shop for Single Link DVI Splitter Cable at Black Box. Unpowered splitter sends DVI-D video from one computer to two monitors Inverto Unicable Quad 40mm LNB 2 Legacy Ports. The LNB allows for the connection of maximum 6 Set Top Boxes with Single Tuner via three cables or a maximum of four STBs via one cable. Unicable II 2-Way Splitter 5-2400 MHz

single lnbf; twin lnbf; one cable solution; 5g--lnbf; 2g 3g 4g lnbf; cku lnbf; multi satellites multi users; sm lnb; vh lnbf; ku-band lnbf single lnbf; twin lnbf; octo lnbf; quattro lnbf; prime focus lnbf; monoblock lnbf; digital single-cable lnb; quad lnbf; ka-band lnbf ; multi switch diseqc switch ; multi switch; satellite splitter; 22k. SPLITTER 1 ENTRATA 2 o 3 USCITE PER LNB SCR-UNICABLE TELEVES. Divide in due o in tre in base alle necessità, il segnale proveniente dall'antenna per servire due o tre distinti decoder dotati di protocollo SCR-UNICABLE, lo splitter è dotato di attacco per connettori F I bought a Power Pass Satellite Splitter from Bestbuy for 10 bucks. Connected the single cable from my wall into it. Placed two high grade cables from the other end into each port of the dual tuner. Everything works perfectly so far LNB Sharp universal single with DiSEqC switching incorporated to mix the signals of a second LNB and download with a single cable to the receiver. Ideal for simultaneous reception of satellites: Hot Bird 13, Eurobird 9, Astra 19 and other configurations as desired

2 way satellite splitter from China manufacturer

2-Way Satellite Diplexer RF And LNB Signal Combiner / LNB

3 Way Coax Splitter 'F' Connector Female Digital TVRCA Audio / Video Splitter Adapter (Y-Splitter) (RCA Male6 Way Coax Splitter 'F' Connector Female Digital TVRCA Audio / Video Splitter Adapter - Y Splitter - RCA MaleLNB, Multiswitch, SLX & Dish Kit - HDCabling - Centurion
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