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If you enjoyed this video and want to see more made, consider supporting my efforts on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/historigraph Check out the other vide.. The battle of Narvik. During two months between 9th of April and the 8th of June 1940, about 32.500 soldiers fought in the air, at sea and in the mountains in the Narvik and Ofoten region. Narvik was invaded in order to gain control over the strategically valuable port on its southside shore, from where large scale shipments of iron ore took place Slaget om Narvik ble utkjempet fra 9. april til 8. juni 1940 og var et frontavsnitt i fjellomr√•dene i Ofoten omkring Narvik og en serie sj√łslag i Ofotfjorden. Nazi-Tysklands m√•l med invasjonen var √• sikre forsyningen av jernmalm fra de svenske gruvene i Kiruna og G√§llivare som ble skipet ut i Narvik som var antatt √• ha avgj√łrende betydning for Tysklands rustningsindustri, samt erobre.

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The Battle of Narvik antall photographs and artefacts displayed in Narvik War Museum. A story of the extraordinary forces that are mobilised when everything you love is under threat, but also of suffering and endurance, of impossible choices and dilemmas.. Despite the loss of Narvik and the precarious position of his remaining forces, Dietl had technically won the battle by holding as long as he did. Even before the first troops marched into Narvik, the decision had been made to abandon the Allied expedition. Events in northern Norway had been overshadowed by events in France The Battlefield 5 Narvik Map. Narvik is one of the Grand Operation maps in Battlefield 5 which is currently playable in the Open Beta, alongside Rotterdam. While the Rotterdam Blitz was an infamous but fairly small battle in the scope of the war, the Battles of Narvik were much larger Norwegian campaign; Part of Operation Weser√ľbung: The Battle of Narvik saw Norway's toughest fight in World War II; Nearly 7,500 Norwegian soldiers participated in the battle, along with the British, French and Polish troops.The reconquest of Narvik was the first time that the Third Reich war machine had to be removed from a captured city Famous battle. He says that the battle of Narvik is famous in France. The battle in Narvik is known both because of the victory over the Axis forces and as well as the fact that we fought together with Allied forces for the first time, says Morel

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  1. Narvik city called Norwegian port was very important to Germany under World War II. There are good possibilities to bring iron ore by ships to supply Nazi Ge..
  2. The graves of those who gave their lives at Narvik are now in a nearby cemetery The wreck of HMS Hardy was visible until it became completely submerged in 1963,. Attack at Dawn by Ron Cope (published by Clink Street Publishing RRP £11.99 paperback, RRP £7.99 ebook) is available from 10 April 2015 online from retailers including amazon.co.uk and to order from all good bookstores
  3. The Second Battle of Narvik Petty Officer Rice observed a submarine at anchor 50 yards from the jetty at Bjerkvik. The Swordfish dived to 300 feet to release its bombs The first hit the bows of the submarine
  4. es along the coast from Hustadvika to Bod√ł, the British were quick to respond with a counter-attack
  5. g German war machine could be overcome. President Roosevelt summed it up best in his famous 1942 speech: Look to Norway, he said, but what he really meant was probably: Look to Narvik

They were on their way to Narvik which lay further up the fjord to destroy the 8 German destroyers and any other shipping left after the first Battle of Narvik, on the 10th April, when both sides. The temporary exhibition ¬ęUnder the North Star - Estonian Volunteers in the Battle of Narvik 1940 is displayed at... Load more.. To build peace, we must understand wa The first battle of Narvik was a drawn naval battle fought between British and German destroyers during the German invasion of Norway. On 9 April the Germans had attacked Norway's six main ports. Narvik, the most northerly of those ports, had been attacked by a small army group carried on ten destroyers The Battles of Narvik were fought from 9 April to 8 June 1940 as a naval battle in the Ofotfjord and as a land battle in the mountains surrounding the north Norwegian city of Narvik as part of the Norwegian Campaign of the Second World War

The destroyer battle in Narvik Harbour, 10 April 1940

Located far up North, Narvik appeared to be isolated from the main theater of hostilities and the Admiralty couldn't presuppose that the Kriegsmarine would allocate considerable forces to capture it. According to British intelligence, only one transport entered the port on April 9 and started unloading troops Even though the first battle of Narvik didn't result in a complete victory for the 2nd Destroyer Squadron of the Royal Navy, the victory itself was significant. At that time, the Kriegsmarine had to decide what to do next. The British faced the challenge of wiping out the remaining German ships The Battle(s) of Narvik (new video by Drach) willtysonforreal. 6 4. willtysonforreal. 6 4. Post 1:31 AM - Oct 01 #1 2020-10-01T01:31. I really enjoyed this and it gave a detailed rundown of events at Narvik The Battle of Narvik is essential reading for all history connoisseurs. REVIEWS: Asbj√łrn Jaklin has become our most important chronicler of the Second World War in Northern Norway. Dagsavisen The fighting engaged forces from five nations, Norway, Britain, France, Poland and Germany, and lasted for 62 days

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Battle of Narvik with Exclusive Action Pictures by Our Naval Cameraman NORWAY: Narvik: Ofotfjord: EXT ALSTER - German Supply ship. Taken captive in Battles of Narvik. DEPTH CHARGES Fired at periscope. Battle of Narvik. GERMANY German ships sunk off Norway:Alster captured. GERMANY - NAVAL Ships sunk off Narvik:Naval engagement:Alster The Battles of Narvik were fought from 9 April until 8 June 1940 as a naval battle in the Ofotfjord and as a land battle in the mountains surrounding the north Norwegian city of Narvik as part of the Norwegian Campaign of World War II.. The two naval battles in the Ofotfjord on 10 April and 13 April were fought between the British Royal Navy and the German Kriegsmarine, while the two-month.

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